Designed and implemented CI/CD pipelines with Infrastructure as code for 10 separate micro-services, streamlining time to deployments and simplifying application version life-cycles for development teams, using CircleCI, Terraform, AWS Cloudformation, and Bash scripting.

Optimized team capabilities and promoted code consistency by mentoring team members in the adoption of functional programming paradigms, incorporating new libraries, and leading discussions on best practices.

Increased production reliability by supporting the incorporation of code standards for front- and back- end, conducting periodic code reviews, and emphasizing high-percentage code coverage.

Managed 24/7/365 data-streams reducing by-hand data mining from hours to minutes and improving analytic output by a factor of eight through leveraging Python based ETL scripts to transform, process, analyze, and database giga-bytes of spatial data on a minute by minute basis.

Enabled business growth and development through provision of accurate feature and project estimations, team mentorship, cross department coordination, and architecture review.

Drove development and team coordination for primary revenue generating platform ensuring on-time release of multiple major features and bug fixes by leading scrum sprint planning, feature design, providing code review, and coordinating customer requirements.

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